Business Bankruptcy

business-bankruptcyIs Bankruptcy The Only Way?  What Are The Options?

Is your business out of cash?

Does your business have loans coming due that you are unable to pay?

Are you unable to meet payroll?

Are you behind on rent?

Are you behind on taxes?

Are you being hounded by collectors?

Are you being sued by your creditors?

Have tax liens been filed against your business?

Chapter 11, Is It Right For You?

Chapter 11 has become an expensive and time-consuming process for small businesses, Attorney Kara S. Rescia has helped numerous self-employed individuals and small businesses navigate through financial distress through workout and compromise of business debt including tax issues and bankruptcy relief when it is the best option for the client. Maybe Chapter 11 is the right option for you and your business, maybe it’s not, with Attorney Rescia on your side you will find the clarity you need to make the correct decision. She will work closely with you to identify your objectives, develop solutions that fit your own circumstances, and provide the prompt and attentive service you need to give you the best chance of meeting your business and personal goals.

Whether Chapter 11 is the best option, or you need relief from the pressure exerted by a single creditor to salvage an otherwise promising business, or instead wish to limit exposure of your personal assets from the guaranty of business obligations, contact Attorney Kara Rescia.  (860) 452-0052.